Taboo chat room

With the same chat embedded in many websites around the Unterganging sphere, a unified chat room for most Untergangers is achieved.

Taboo chat room Fre porno chat

This time it received a very positive feedback from Untergangers.

The DPF quickly switched its IRC chat room to the Chatango one, thanks to Chatango's extensive support for embedding their chat on other websites.

In addition to that, there had been a notable amount of people participating in talking about games all day and posting videos that have no relevance to the topic of the chat, despite warnings from moderators.

To remedy the situation, stricter rules were added and moderation had become stricter - each user was warned once when breaching the rules and banned in the even of future breach.

It is also thought that she has started making use of sarcasm in a bad manner whenever someone spoke to her in a way that may be interpreted as critical (although it's usually constructive) but it is currently unclear.

She has later setup her own chat in late December 2013, which blatantly plagiarised rules from the Untergangers Chat, causing further controversy and disapproval of herself as well as driving a large amount of users who previously were neutral on the matter to losing respect for her.Ignorance and lack of common sense is looked down upon by most users of the chat, especially when a new user would impersonate a character (especially from Downfall) and attempted to role play, which was not permitted.It is also looked down upon when he shows signs of laziness, asked others to create parodies for them, asked questions which can be easily answered by using a search engine as well as relying entirely on others for ideas and not contributing himself."Alo", "Salut" and sometimes humorously continued with "sunt eu un haiduc"), the coining and promulgation of terms such as "Göringitis", The Silver Universe being nicknamed the 'Sleeping Dragon', The Lawl Dawg as 'The Lawn Dawg', and so forth.The chat played a crucial role in the community parodies where Untergangers started making parodies about each other based largely on interactions within the chat.In late 2012, Slainender became the center of controversy.

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