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Faced with feelings “even our own kids never ask about,” each dater’s intimate confessions blend with revealing vérité to shed light on the intense and complex feelings that still lurk behind wrinkled skin and thinning hair.

Playful and revealing, wise and inspiring, our senior daters entertain and enlighten with a candor that puts media stereotypes to shame.

Born in the years before WWII, none of the 30 registrants for Rochester’s first senior speed dating event dreamt of being flung into the high-tech social scene of the new millennium.

But now, as posters go up, local media buzzes and anticipation grows, these typically-overlooked seniors are spurred to confront the realities of physical appearance, romance and loneliness, loss and new beginnings.

One of the ways is virtual dating, which allows members to pick avatars and set up a fun, interactive environment to go out on a date in.

Free members are also not restricted to just creating a profile and searching.

At North Shore Dance Studio you can learn the latest Salsa steps , or the hot and sexy Latin moves, learn the passionate Tango or the slow Waltz.

This is partner dancing at its best in a fun and healthy environment."A little Buenos Aires" A credit to Mimi and Teddy who excel in passing on their passion for Tango with so much dedication,care and communication skills.

Tango Wire is a full-feature dating site with a strict policy on spammers.

If you are interested in trying online dating, log into Tango Wire to see if they have members living in your area.

ignorant twat.yes, no one even had the decency to tell its members, they were changing hands...

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