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Meanwhile, Jordan's father (Frank Aletter) has sex with her new stepmother while the chauffeur Chauncey (Ray Walston) listens in.Not long afterwards, Miss Dutchbok, who has mistaken Chauncey for Mr.

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When he is startled by Betsy, he falls off the ledge.

Meanwhile, after Jim confesses to Jordan that he is in fact really a boy (which was already known to Jordan), she pretends to scream and kicks him out of the room, leading to Chris finding out about their indiscretion. After several weeks of unsuccessfully trying to get Chris back, during parent visitation day, Jim asks for the help of her father.

Private School was initiated in the wake of the surprise success of Private Lessons in 1980.

Universal, which had licensed home video and cable TV rights to the independently produced comedy, financed this follow-up project.

The family of a missing Houston teen says they believe she was lured into sex work.

Isabella Mc Carble, 15, left her home in a gated community on her own Oct.

That weekend, Jim goes to buy condoms, but is distracted by the pharmacist (Martin Mull in an uncredited role) and ends up buying dental hygiene products; when Chris goes to buy the protection herself, she is distracted and eventually seen by Miss Dutchbok.

After a time in the arcade where Jim is forced to speak romantically over the phone to Chris by his friends, Jordan swears greater revenge.

In response to being disturbed, the roommates light a bag of feces on fire and put it in front of Jordan's door.

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