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Nash and his wife later divorced, but he never changed his Will.

Nash died and both his ex-wife and her daughter, Nash's step-daughter, survived him.

When both parents are in agreement, they are given the opportunity to decide on the terms of a move on their own.

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Life is constantly changing and it can be difficult to know what the coming months will bring.

This can be especially true after a marriage has come to an end.

Our Katy family law attorneys can fight tirelessly to see that your voice is heard in the courtroom.

Do you have questions about relocation or another legal issue regarding family law?

When spouses go through a divorce, rules are typically set in place, regulating when and where a parent can relocate.

The parent who wishes to relocate must give proper notification to their former spouse, outlining the details of the proposed move.Of course, if you don't want her to inherit under the will, the law voids all provisions for her.To be safe, you need to change your will if there is a divorce.When ruling on post-divorce agreements such as relocation or on modifications to existing agreements, a judge will consider what is in the best interest of the child.In determining relocation, a judge may consider factors including: Except for in cases where one parent presents a direct danger to a child, such as with domestic violence, courts favor awarding joint custody which keeps both parents in the life of a child.Proving a common law marriage does NOT depend on how long you have been living together or whether you have children together.

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