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His most recent work, “Single Mothers Are For Grown Men ONLY!

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In the USA, for most people most of the time, the surefire way OUT of poverty and into the middle class, is to get married BEFORE YOU HAVE KIDS, stay married, both you and your spouse work, plan and save and viola!

-you’ve made it into the middle class (Shoutout to Walter Williams! Of the relatively few married Black American couples remaining who have adhered to this script, they are living proof of its veracity.

Unfortunately though – and no small surprise to me in the least – Jaxn’s extraordinary claims aren’t accompanied with any corresponding evidence.

All we have is his “wisdom” on the matter, all of which is jam-packed inside of 130 pages – no references, no citations, no footnotes, no bibliography, no index – just one oversized pamphlet comprising 24 “chapters” (if one considers a few pages of text such a thing) that purports to “tell it like it is”.

Too bad the facts, evidence and data – now more than a generation in scope – says otherwise. But for now though, we have to appreciate the fact that it is completely understandable that Jaxn, a guy who prides himself on being the catnip to the ladies combo of “tough on the outside, soft on the inside”, would make this book at least in part personal.

Sure, assuming that his mom was indeed exceptional, even taking for granted that the same was true for Obama’s mama and Ciara (and we know in both of those cases they weren’t – Obama was actually raised by his GRANDPARENTS in Hawaii, and Ciara, a high fashion model who managed to keep her looks after popping out rapper and notorious womanizer Future’s kid, made the headlines and was the rage of/on Black social media the entire summer of 2015 BECAUSE her case was so rare, so exceptional – again as the stats will soon bear out), the evidence again, sadly bears out that this is simply not the case for the rank and file Black baby mama.

In terms of sample size, they only need to be very small and according to this company [1], they can usually take samples unobtrusively.

The carbon dating of the Turin Shroud used samples weighing around 50mg.

Now, let’s bring in the hard and fast stats as they relate to Black America: 1.

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