Top 4 dating pet peeves of men

I’d say about 70% of the time, I have to call and remind them that it’s my break time, and then they seem put out that they have to cover me. I’ve even suggested just having one person as a back-up, and actually had a coworker volunteer to do this, but my supervisor said no.

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My boss confronted me because he had seen two pictures of me on social media (Facebook) watching the eclipse in a town hours away from the city we live in, with a beer in my hand. I’m afraid this will follow me if I get another job in the same industry.

He fired me after I admitted I had lied about being sick. My boss said they would not give me a reference and would tell anyone who called I am not eligable for rehire. Say that you recognize your mistake, you’re embarrassed by your behavior, and you’re grateful that you learned this lesson early in your career, and apologize for squandering the investment they’d made in you.

By rotating your back-ups, they’re minimizing the impact on any one person’s work.

I get that it’s annoying that people can’t seem to remember to show up to cover you when you need them, but I think you’re making yourself more unhappy about this than you need to be.

You were only there for two months, so it’s not going to strengthen your candidacy in any real way, and including it will only raise questions.

Just leave it off, don’t include them on your reference list, and move forward.

Unless your industry is really small, this probably isn’t going to follow you — although since your dad works in the same field, it’s worth talking to him to get his advice on that too.

(And obviously, apologize to him for doing this in a field where people know him! Having to get coverage to leave my desk makes me feel like a second class citizen I’m a switchboard operator and have to rely on a different person every day to cover me while I go on a break or to lunch.

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