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I think (INAUDIBLE) most of the credit, though, as far as creating ideas goes. But if you look deeper, you see someone that is controlled, you see someone that is giddy, that loves someone so much that just once that just wants that acceptance, but Travis has the control. If you listen to the tone of their voices, it`s very different. JEAN CASAREZ, "IN SESSION": I think what the defense is going to do is say that on the first level, you see a consensual relationship. Maybe I`m blind, but I mean, if I`ve got to look for subtle undertones in a conversation that she lured him into -- subtle undertones to me don`t cut it when you stab a man to death 29 times, slashing him from ear to ear, and then cap him in the head.

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Return to Transcripts main page NANCY GRACE Jodi and Travis Phone Sex Aired February 14, 2013 - ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. I really, really, really want to (EXPLETIVE DELETED) You`re bad!


Once I start -- once I started meeting you, I don`t know, once a month, once every two weeks. If you were here, my grandparents were asleep, I`d put you in my bedroom, like, shut and lock the door and we would just have a big (EXPLETIVE DELETED) (END AUDIO CLIP) (COMMERCIAL BREAK) GRACE: Welcome back. When you have pictures of little boys in underwear and the claim is that he`s masturbating to them, to me that`s pornography, all right? ARIAS: Are we still planning to do the porn star thing?

ARIAS: I wish it were my hands giving you a (EXPLETIVE DELETED). ALEXANDER: Before I met you, I never (EXPLETIVE DELETED) off. (INAUDIBLE) (EXPLETIVE DELETED) ARIAS: I wish you were here. Like, you bust me for being, like, nude in public or something (INAUDIBLE) wanted to go out and be, like, one with nature, and you`re, like, All right, you can redeem yourself in one way! I think how hot it feels to have your (EXPLETIVE DELETED) deep inside of me, and I remember it and I want it again. ALEXANDER: I`m glad we started (EXPLETIVE DELETED). ARIAS: Well, if it`s wrong, then I don`t want to be right because I`m glad, too. What`s wrong is that I wish we were doing it before because that was good and... ALEXANDER: Once we did it, like, why not do it, you know?

But I don`t mind receiving while you`re doing the kissing (ph). ALEXANDER: Since you`ve left, I jack off every day, sometimes three times a day.

So, like, I was (INAUDIBLE) and so aside from all those warm fuzzy feelings, but, like, it was so sexy and I was so hot, and oh, gosh!

We had heard that, financially, he was having problems, though.

CASAREZ: Well, we learned that they were 0, 9 and 0. And we don`t know if she was paying him back money. CASAREZ: Correct, for 0 a month, that he had a home, and he had a brand-new car. And we don`t know specifics of why he was having monetary problems, but we did hear that. CASAREZ: I believe there was testimony from someone that had to do with Travis was having some financial issues. And I think it could have been the first witness, Marie...

Like, I wasn`t saying you were, like, worshipping me, but you were -- you made me feel like I was the most freaking beautiful woman on the whole planet. This was about three weeks before she stabs Travis Alexander to death. Out to Jean Casarez, legal correspondent, "In Session." You know, Jean, I`m not quite sure what these phone sex tapes have to do with her defense of self-defense. GRACE: Yes, I still don`t see how that plays into self-defense, Jean.

You made me -- seriously, you made me feel like a goddess. And so aside from all those warm, fuzzy feelings, but like, it was so sexy and I was so hot! Well, number one, we know she`s tape- recording this call. That shows a fatal attraction on her part, and he really doesn`t care that much. This is what the defense, I think, is going to say...

ARIAS: (INAUDIBLE) (EXPLETIVE DELETED) I seriously think about having sex with you every day, several times a day. ALEXANDER: Aren`t you glad that we started (EXPLETIVE DELETED). ALEXANDER: Generally, I`m, like, OK -- Jodi, I`m just, I want Jodi, all of Jodi (INAUDIBLE) ARIAS: Like, I -- OK, I -- I don`t know.

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