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Until this past week, liability for credit card fraud was placed solely on the issuers' shoulders (don't worry, they weren't hurting), but now the liability will be shifted onto retailers who neglect to use a chip reader on a chip-enabled card. But while EMV is unequivocally more secure than magnets (whose very nature remains mysterious to many), it is by no means airtight: Dedicated thieves have already found their way into the system.

Additionally, the chips offer no security for financial data already stored inside a retailer's system, nor does it protect you at all on online purchases.

In addition to your credit score, Credit Karma tells you how to access your federally mandated, yearly, free credit report, and goes a step further with free credit monitoring through Trans Union (regularly a month).

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The only real difference is that instead of sliding them through an elongated reader, you insert them into a narrow slot and wait for them to do their thing.

And therein lays an important point that should be included in the conversation: This new, better technology will most certainly add extra time to your check-out experience.

I know there are plenty of sites out there that promise you a free credit score and then try to charge or scam you.

This isn't one of them; it's truly free, fast and easy.

It only requires this to get your score the first time.

However, Credit Karma says it never stores your SSN anywhere on its servers and keeps no records of what it is.

I've recently started using chip transactions, and I can confirm that the credit check-out process now takes slightly longer than it did a few weeks ago.

Not longer, by any means—it adds another 7 seconds or so.

This transition means that you will soon be spending additional time at check-outs, making additional small talk with the cashier, and taking longer to turn your attention to the next thing you need to do. However, at locations like New York City pharmacies, which are already monuments to inefficiency and frustration, any additional lag will be magnified. This removed, at most, 15 seconds from the transaction. Americans have more options than ever to put aside their physical cards and pay for things with their phones: Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, not to mention those many retailer-specific payment apps.

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