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To get my numbers up, I have to post daily feel-good shots that (supposedly) let people in on my everyday life.

The more aspirational the better; workouts, behind the scenes on shoots and holiday snaps of me looking great somewhere exotic are the aim of the game.

Today, Instagram has 400 million users which is probably why after it was launched five years ago, it has mutated into a behemoth of self-promotion where the more likes a person has, the more prestige and earning-power they can command.

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What my followers will never see are the hours spent typing at my desk in a dressing gown or snivelling into a hankie feeling sorry for myself.

At least I hope to try to counteract the smuggest shots with a healthy dose of humour.

But as a model and blogger with my own website to push, I was forced to join the circus: it was that or lose out on work, as clients will always book the model with the bigger following.

Mine’s growing, but it’s woefully low at 2,400 compared to mega-stars like Kendall Jenner (40.4million).

95% of kids will say "No I never want you to lie to me." And so you have established a shared moral framework here: no lying in our family.

You can take the discussion from there in a very positive direction.

She told how she would starve herself for days to get the perfect flat stomach, and a new caption under a smiling selfie ends with a disclaimer all in upper case: ‘There is nothing real about this’. While some users applauded her honesty, days later other commentators were calling the whole thing a hoax, a clever marketing ploy whereby Essena was simply making herself (and a her new website) even more famous.

It’s a sorry tale for a platform that started out as simply a means to share and discover experiences through photographs; where users can ‘like’ another person’s picture to show their appreciation for a beautiful photograph before scrolling onto the next shot.

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