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A total of 22 nations agreed to send either troops or medical units. One of the first of the major participants to send a brigade was Turkey.The first Turkish contingent arrived on October 19, 1950, and in varying strengths remained until midsummer 1954. The brigade consisted of three battalions commanded by Major Imadettin Kuranel, Major Mithat Ulunu, and Major Lutfu Bilgon.

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Walker tried several times to delay the inevitable by protesting the lack of logistical support and supplies that were en route from Japan and the United States, but all he accomplished was to increase Mac Arthur’s ire toward him and impatience at the delay.

Bitter winds from Manchuria churned over the steep, granitic mountains and treacherous valleys of North Korea.

The United Nations, on the other hand, stuck with basic roads and improving existing roads to move men and equipment.

Engineering companies moved ahead, trying to make roads passable for tanks and trucks.

The problem, at first overlooked and judged to be only minor, only became exacerbated in the heat of battle.

The Turks’ arrival in Korea garnered a considerable amount of publicity. troops were armed with that kind of knife, or indeed any other weapon out of the ordinary.6/12/2006 • Military History The Korean War, described by many, including then President Harry S.Truman, as a police action, marked the first time that the United States and the fledgling United Nations organization entered into a partnership to halt the advance of the Cold War into the Far East. resolution by sending troops to halt the invasion of South Korea by the North Koreans.A Japanese food processor was hired to provide rations that met the Turkish requirements. The Turks favored a heavy, substantial bread containing nonbleached flour along with thick, strong, heavily sweetened coffee. Few American liaison officers were attached to the Turkish companies, thereby adding to the problems the Turks faced in their initial combat operations.Misinterpretation of orders resulted from the lack of communication between Allies.Another difference that was to count very highly against the United Nations and the United States was adherence to routine, World War II thinking and tactics.

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