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The word was a runner-up to "selfie" in the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2013.

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The word specifically originated from the inner-city of New Orleans and was used frequently in New Orleans Bounce music by rappers and djs hosting block parties in the housing projects.

The diffusion of the dance phenomenon began earlier via local parties and eventually strip clubs often associated with mainstream rap music and video production aired by video cable television shows that featured rap and R&B music.

That year it became the top "What is" search on the Google search engine.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines an 18th century use of the work as a blend of "twist" and "jerk," which was reported by the BBC in conjunction with the black cultural context, but this seems to be an erroneous connection or a false cognate.footwork" and repeat the notion that it is a portmanteau of the words "twist" and "jerk".

LANGUAGES: Es posible que Mystery Cat entiende un poco de español, porque ella vive en Miami; English.

STRENGTHS: Manipulative social climber, the softest ears, impeccable balance, can steal a baby's breath WEAKNESSES: Possible drug problem (in photos, Mystery Cat appeared to sleep all through dinner with Demi), high risk of hip dysplasia, curiosity Mystery Cat burst onto the Miami social scene like a cat from under the couch last Wednesday when, the reports, she wandered near the pool at a Chanel-sponsored party.

People wondered where Demi left the cat (at the pool? Even casual observers will note that the cat is, in all honesty, a little young for Demi. The photo, uploaded by Paris' boyfriend, declared that he, Paris, and Nicky would be keeping Mystery Cat, though whether they intend to raise her as a servant or their own child is unknown at this time.

Like any normal American getting over an embarrassing, trying divorce, Moore was seen last night partying at Alex Rodriguez's house with Lenny Kravitz.

Unclear from photos, however, prevailing wisdom suggests that all cats are girls, especially kittens.

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