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I ended up going out.” Toma Babickaite: “Our house is a shit hole.” Ewan Mcgowan: “Last year we all got proper into Age of Empires during exam time.

We used the chat to organise games, even though we all lived on the same corridor.” Ewan would like to add he has an EP coming out in March. Robyn Cufley: “We live on Tachbrook Road and we’re twats.” Helena Sewell: “It was our quiz name and then just kind of stuck.

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For us all, the room is just like that lil town that if you blink, you miss it... I love it here, and the friends I've made are out of this world! Its the one place where I get to feel like my self. Come talk to me in Teen Shack or Canada chat, my name is x Broken Smilex!

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Somebody come entertain me I m bored lol say something other than a hi or a hey, say something funny or send a meme.Whether you’ve constantly silenced the bloody thing, or you’re a devoted member, we’re all involved in way too many awfully named group chats.Funny group chat names have taken on a personality of their own.Search for suitable company from the listings or add yourself.Your listing will be on the site until removed, but most recent/recently updated listings are on the top.Why get bogged down with inconvenient registration pages when you don’t have to?

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