mac taylor lindsay monroe dating fanfiction - Updating an older bathroom

Older homes often have smaller bathrooms, especially when compared to modern bathrooms with garden tubs and open shower plans.

As professional home remodeling experts, we have a lot of advice and experience to share.

Together, we can make your bathroom remodeling project run more smoothly, get finished faster, and stay closer to a realistic budget.

I’m a huge fan of tile laid in a subway pattern instead of traditionally.

Another huge cost savings was reusing the upper cabinet. Leaving the doors off made the space feel much bigger!

It turns out the smell is caused by chemicals (VOCs) that are potentially harmful for people to breathe. A shower curtain is a major component in any bathroom, so splurging on one that is visually appealing and non-toxic is a quick way to improve the look and feel of your bathroom. If possible, you might want to talk to the property owner about installing an exhaust fan since it would benefit their property by protecting against mold and mildew.

However, if an exhaust fan is not an option, consider installing a doorway fan as an alternative.

The faucet looks like it comes out of the wall, but no plumbing had to be moved. When we found out that ordering a replacement lid for the broken toilet tank was NOT cheap, we upgraded to a new toilet as well.

Picking one with a smaller rounded tank also saved a few inches. Believe it or not, this house came with TWO bathrooms full of carpet, paneling, wallpaper and lattice cabinet doors. I don’t have the before pics of the main bathroom, BUT just imagine the horrible master before and you’ll have a good idea of what we were dealing with.

You might consider giving the rest of the room a facelift and then completely remodel your cabinets to provide extra storage.

Some of the most expensive items to replace in the home are counters, but in the bathroom, you could splurge on a marble countertop for big effect.

We did replace the vanity and the impact was well worth the cost.

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