Updating bios with cd

I am a computer noob but I think the problem lies within windows 10 secure boot, I believe couple of the distros dont have the signed key even though there supposed to. I have just had this same problem when upgrading a Toshiba Satellite C850D PSC9SC-01K00W.

Its first partition is a recovery partition, and C: is the 2nd partition.

There's yet another recovery partition after that on the drive too. So after the W10 upgrade's first reboot, the laptop started showing the white square cursor which indicates hard drive not recognized.

Wouldn't even respond if I put in a CD or told the BIOS specifically to use the recovery utility or boot to an Arch Linux USB stick, just straight to the white square cursor of death.

Still probably not going to boot in the laptop after updates finish though. It's either that or the SATA port suddenly died exactly when I performed the upgrade.

Installing the BIOS update will be hard on this stupid Toshiba since it requires Windows, and since the laptop no longer recognizes the hard drive.

It also sounds like the Windows 10 tech preview or the update caused the problem which isn't exactly surprising...

it probably did something to the drive to make it not bootable/recognizable considering the fact that another drive booted up just fine in your computer.Upon restarting the system into Windows, it performed the Second half of the update.I worried it might have broken something, but there were no problems until the next time I booted.A few minutes later the system froze, as experimental systems sometimes do.I powered off by means of holding the power button.Update: not sure what did it, but after Windows 10 completed the installing progress to 100% and booted up on my desktop, the laptop seemed to recognize the drive again, even without BIOS update.

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