look dating site - Updating dell ati drivers

Note if you type 'man radeon' it provides indications as to some things that can be tuned.

In summary, the AMD driver will not work with open SUSE-12.3 with your older Radeon Xpress 1150.

There is no update to the open source radeon driver (for open SUSE) that I am aware of.

But that is how I would go about this if it were me.

Another approach is to go to the appropriate radeon open source development site and write a bug report on the radeon driver misidentifying your hardware.

I also noticed in my Yast hardware information that Open SUSE detects my video card as Radeon Xpress 200 which is not correct. None of the AMD drivers are supported by Su SE-Gmb H.

These are proprietary graphic drivers, provided by AMD, and AMD provide the support.So I've been trying Ubuntu and Mint the last couple of weeks but they didn't support drivers for my video card in any relatively current releases and ran pretty slow.I researched that Open SUSE was much better for really old systems.For a business owner who is constantly traveling, a laptop, such as a Dell Inspiron, allows you to keep in touch with your family and employees.It is important to make sure your Dell Inspiron has up-to-date drivers, which are software files that enable the central processing unit to communicate with hardware components.Are you certain the radeon graphic driver is being used on your PC and not the vesa nor fbdev driver ?

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