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Rivers modules - Active MQ, Amazon SQS, Couch DB, Dropbox, Dynamo DB, File System, Git, Git Hub, Hazelcast, JDBC, JMS, Kafka, LDAP, Mongo DB, neo4j, OAI, Rabbit MQ, Redis, RSS, Sofa, Solr, St9, Subversion, Twitter, Wikipedia Partitioned clusters can diverge unless minimum_master_nodes set to at least N/2 1, where N is the size of the cluster.

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All Namecheap hosting services are backed by our pioneering Hosting can be machine, rack, availability zone, and/or data center aware.Arbitrary tags can be assigned to nodes and it can be configured to not assign the same shard and its replicates on a node with the same tags. When new replicas are added, they won't start accepting and responding to requests until they are finished replicating the index.If you live in Javascript or Ruby, you'll probably love Elasticsearch.If you're on Python or PHP, you'll probably be fine with either.I wrote a ES code parser once to auto-generate documentation from Elasticsearch's source and found a number of discrepancies between code and what's documented on the website, not to mention a number of undocumented/alternative ways to specify the same config key.

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