Updating firmware iq

o Under OS X and Linux, Switch to bootloader crashes the app.Workaround: Restart the application without removing the FCD. o Under OS X and Linux, Switch to application crashes the app, and FCD remains in bootloader mode. From the fully featured front end, put the dongle into Bootloader mode by pressing the “Reset to bootloader” button. The Frequency Control app will no longer be able to send messages to the dongle once it is in bootloader mode.

updating firmware iq-44

- Memory channel or VFO switching between analog and digital modes sometimes displayed channel information of the previously switched channel.

The following features have been improved: - Stopping a recording now takes less time, once the button has been pressed.

The basic front end only allows frequency changing.

Known ‘features’ of the Qt host code (this has been written from scratch and these bugs not apply to the earlier Windows-only code)…

The following features have been added: - Added support for “reverse tone” squelch in CTCSS.

To enable this feature, F 1 then turn the dial until [RTN] appears and validate with ENT.

o Under Windows, when switching back from bootloader to normal “application” SDR mode, the FCD seems to stay in bootloader mode.

Workaround: remove FCD and plug back in again a few seconds later.

- A recording cannot be started when the SD card is almost out of free space, to avoid broken recordings.


I spent an awful lot of time trying to make sure it’s very difficult to “brick” the FCD, in fact I haven’t managed to do it yet in its current version). HIDQuery returns 1 Query message: FCDBL FCD in bootloader mode Byte address range: 0x002A00 - 0x007E00 PC address range: 0x001C00 - 0x005400 Device ID address set Device ID read, DEVID=0x4203, DEVREV=0x0200 4. Press the “Reset to app” button and the dongle will now be back in SDR mode.

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