Updating from office 2016

Composer can sit on the bench for this one..download the package and drag it into Casper Admin.

The total size of the deployment would be about the same either way and it seems better to have only one installer run instead of four or five separate installers. I think the full suite package is smaller than the sum of the updates and it is nice to have one Office pkg per version rather than 6!

Basically, you need to make a script that is running for the duration of the install, and throwing an alert if a user tries to launch one of the apps and kills it. I need to deploy to a large user base and have been experimenting with ways of deploying Office 2016 as silently and unobtrusively as possible.

I'm curious how you all are updating MS Office 2016 for your users, assuming you are managing the patches and not leaving it up to your users to keep Office up to date. (We have 365 user licensing so I haven't played with volume licensing) I confirmed with MS that re-running the full installer to update the apps was a supported upgrade method, they said they test and support it. Not sure what might happen, maybe nothing, but not worth the risk.

When we first deployed Office 2016 to users, I used Composer to create a single installer of all the Office apps and patched to 15.19. I had deployed Chrome this way and it caused problems when users opened new tabs after the update ran. @jgalante I don't have anything on my github page for what Don's referring to. If it helps though, here's a script I'm using when we "update" Office from 2011 to 2016 (really just installing Office 2016).

It turns out anyone in the Office 365 First Release program was able to get the latest Office 2016 apps for Windows as of this week.

The same is true of those on the existing Office 365 Small Business Premium, Business and/or Business Premium -- but only for those who are buying new subscriptions, according to the chart from a Microsoft community answers post, embedded above.

It turns out that not everyone has been able to upgrade to the latest release this week, in spite of Microsoft declaring the suite generally available.

Instead, as many have discovered, the Office 2016 rollout is a staggered one, and one which has resulted in some One Drive, Skype for Business and other app and service installation and compatibility issues.Also, v3 has several new window styles that I make use of in my scripts, like checkboxes, radio buttons and a few other features. @mm2270 I haven't done much scripting in my years, I know, get with the times right? Will this script run if I comment out that portion or do I need to put a custom trigger? I tend to "borrow" scripts that are easy to modify for our environment.I would love to learn how to modify this so we can get this one going. I've found that if the install is executing in the background (at the "Running Package Scripts" phase), and a user tries to launch an Office 2016 app, they'll encounter this error.I noticed when I did this, I was able to launch Word 2011 applications without the above warning (I didn't try the others).Any other tips to installing Office 2016 silently and in the background?When the install eventually finishes, they should be able to launch the applications fine.

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