Updating garmin nuvi 750 maps

I don't see a couple of updates between then and July as being 'lifetime.' And Garmin were also selling products with Sensis maps and 'lifetime updates' up to and beyond the time they announced the change and introduced new products, ergo they knew well before the announcement that 'lifetime' for products with Sensis maps had at best become misleading.They can put whatever conditions they like on this lifetime offer (e.g., it's only until they change their map provider) but the ACCC are not going to take kindly to any company making these 'offers' and then having consumers get as little as 3 months for their 'lifetime' maps.Lifetime free map updates that only lasted for 5 months in my case is just a blatant rip off.

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But, whatever, it's not a good look for Garmin (assuming that there are going to be no further updates.

For all I know Sensis haven't updated their maps since earlier this year and 2012.20 is the latest update) and even if their conditions hold up and complaints go nowhere, at the very least a lot of people would not buy another Garmin.

The device doesn't stop 'working' because maps are not updated so don't know that the 'fit for purpose' argument would apply.

Although, AFAIK, you can't install Nav Teq maps on the previous models so that limiting of options might be seen as legally suss.

I guessed (probably incorrectly) that my garmin had too much stuff in memory, so deleted large files in the usb-connected directory of the garmin gps device. And same thing occurred even after a FACTORY reset of the garmin device.

Interestingly, the update issue was resolved after trying one last thing – which was a reboot of my computer (winxp sp3 system). Anyhow, if it is possible for garmin to just let me pay for the lifetime map update thing, then that would be great. try again with the above suggestion and let me know if any issues." Then i reply to their email to ask them why other GPS company like Tom Tom already had their map update and why Garmin still has not, and this is their answer.Looks like they are not very interested in releasing new maps any time sooner at all "Unfortunately we have no ETA yet for the next map release.If 2013.20 does turn out to be the last Sensis update then I for one would lodge complaints.Garmin make a good product but their definition of 'lifetime' is not mine, and I doubt it would be that of ACCC. from what I recall at the time.read that it was lifetime of the device (ie, device dies, thats the lifetime)... tough luck" The 'change of map provider' condition is in Garmin's promotional T&Cs, in addition to the 'life of the device.' The issue would come down to what's a reasonable expectation of 'lifetime' in relation to the product.But at the moment, it just looks like if our map is up to date, then there appears to be no way for us to get to the stage of choosing the lifetime update and paying for it!

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