Updating modem for bellsouth

Most routers can not forward a local 192.168xxx address to another network device (the Westell in this case).

You must run the Westell directly to a computer NIC to gain access.

Make sure your NIC is set to obtain an IP automatically, reset the Westell, restart the computer to get the proper IP subnet, make the needed changes, and then set the Westell back to bridged mode.

The Bell South supplied models are provisioned specifically for Fast Access.

For more information about the new firmware check out Westell FAQ.

This page contains information about installing the latest AT&T DSL Router driver downloads using the AT&T Driver Update Tool.


Firmware is model specific and is not interchangeable between the 2100, 22 models!#io Offer Details Panal #io Offer Details Panal.d Bor #io Offer Details Panal Label #io Offer Details Panal Title-contailer #io Offer Details Panal .f-left #io Offer Details Panal .f-right #io Offer Details Panal .f-clear #io Offer Details Panal #io Offer Details Panal .title-text #io Offer Details Panal Container #io Offer Details Panal Container div.shippingicon #io Offer Details Panal Container div.shippingicon Message Details #io Offer Details Panal Container None #io Offer Details Panal Container span #offermodal .freeshipping .freelabel #io Offer Details Panal Container DS2 . We have been using the same Westall Modem and Linksys Router for the same time. The highest speed available to us is "Extreme." We wish to upgrade with a new DSL modem and separate new router. ***The Westell 6100 has a different menu structure from the 2100/22200s, however overall functionality/capabilities/configurations are the same.AT&T DSL Router drivers are tiny programs that enable your DSL Router hardware to communicate with your operating system software.

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