Updating tmobile dash

A lot of the time there's a bit of a trade-off where the keyboard takes a hit to keep the phone sleek and slim, but HTC managed to fit in a decent-size keyboard while keeping a compact design.Even though there isn't much spacing between the keys, the buttons are large and have a slight curve to them so they're easy to press.

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It includes a quad band (850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz) GSM radio with EDGE, 802.11g Wi Fi support, and Bluetooth communications.

The device syncs with Active Sync or Windows Mobile Device Center (Windows Vista and Windows 7) over Bluetooth or USB.

On the positive side, the T-Mobile Dash 3G comes with a trackball navigator, which allows for smoother scrolling and navigation compared with the traditional d-pad found on the Sprint Snap.

Surrounding the trackball are the Talk and End buttons, two soft keys, a Home shortcut, and back button.

They also feel sturdy and not quite as clicky as the Black Berry Curve's.

Finally, we like that the letters and numbers are easy to read thanks to its bold and red markings, and we always appreciate the shortcut keys on the bottom row.The Dash 3G can be soft reset simply by removing the battery for a few seconds, reinserting it and powering the smartphone back on. A HARD RESET wipes the T-Mobile Dash 3G's memory and returns it to factory specs. The Dash 3G is the carrier's version of the HTC Snap, which was introduced at CTIA 2009 and just recently launched on Sprint.It brings a number of welcome additions, such as GPS, a better camera, and 3G support--something that was missing from T-Mobile's other top messaging, the RIM Black Berry Curve 8900.We also wish that the screen was slightly bigger to see more information at a glance.

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