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Please help me get this issue resolved as I cannot continue to keep updating at this pace and I fear I won't be able to play this game anymore !!!!Since 2010, Open RTB has been spurring growth in the real-time bidding (RTB) advertising marketplace and continues to provide open industry standards for communication between buyers of advertising and sellers of publisher inventory.

Use one of available implementations of CSV parser (e.g.

It already supports what you need and exposes high level API.

Hi i have a small problem and think i'm just not getting the correct syntax on one line of code. /** * Update CSV by row and column * * @param file To Update CSV file path to update e.g.

basically, i can write into my csv file and find a specific record using string tokenizer but it is not updating/editing the specified cells of that record. D:\\chetan\\* @param replace Replacement for your cell value * @param row Row for which need to update * @param col Column for which you need to update * @throws IOException */ public static void update CSV(String file To Update, String replace, int row, int col) throws IOException call you're making returns a new string it does not modify the original string.

The software is free and can be found, along with instructions by clicking HERE.

For a step by step tutorial on updating your device please click HERE.

This exercise will provide your organization with structured assistance to determine the extent to which existing systems and controls cover the requirements of the newly revised standards, or to identify an implementation action plan, where needed. We would like to wish you a successful and prosperous year ahead.

For any inquiries on our transition training and consultancy services, please visit or email to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. Together we can strive for a better integrated management system in our workplace.

And example of this distinction is, e.g., in the implementation of GUI applications: the list of submenu items may depend on the state of the application; this list may be updated either as soon as the state of the application changes ("active") or only when the menu is invoked ("passive").

Another example is update a visual display as soon as the underlying data change as opposed to clicking the "redraw" button.

These courses will also prepare auditors and management system practitioners for the transition arrangements.

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