Vba screen updating false

The following sentence will turn offthe screen updating : Application.

Screenupdating = False It's not necessary to turn on the screen updating.

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You can either add this to a macro or put it into your VBA directly.

This code places the cursor off screen and then scrolls the sheet back up to view If you are really wanting 'nothing selected`, you can use VBA to protect the sheet at the end of your code execution, which will cause nothing to be selected.

And any changes that are made to the argument inside a procedure, it will be lost when the procedure is ends.

By Ref: When an argument is passed By Ref, the actual address assigned to the argument is passed to the procedure.

Selecting a cell off screen will set focus there, so that won't work in and of itself.

Eg, when i try it: Visble range is A1: BC79, so this code selects A80 and scrolling down and to the right and running it again reveals the excel chooses the first cell NOT visible below the first visible column.

Check out the Mr Excel tutorials for more information on how to properly use Excel VBA.

I would like the final appearance after my VBA has finished running to be empty of selection -- to have no cell or range on any sheet colored (if it was range selected) or in a bold line box (anything that was selected). I had a VBA macro that copied some cells from one workbook to another and then closed the source workbook, but because some cells were still selected for copy in the source it wouldn't close right away. By turning off screen updating before selecting a cell, scroll to selected cells is temporarily disabled.

It will automatically turn onwhen the macro is finished.

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