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And Bulletstorm is particularly gruesome, with body parts that explode all over the screen. The in-game awards system, called Skill Shots, ties the ugly, graphic violence into explicit sex acts: "topless" means cutting a player in half, while a "gang bang" means killing multiple enemies.

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“If a younger kid experiences Bulletstorm's explicit language and violence, the damage could be significant,” Dr.

Jerry Weichman, a clinical psychologist at the Hoag Neurosciences Institute in Southern California, told Fox

Lieberman and others say it's useless, because it isn't enforced at retail.

Video game advocates say the existing warning system works fine: Parents are responsible for deciding whether their kids can play games, not the government.

Epic, the game developer, did not respond to Fox's requests.

But game publisher Electronic Arts released the following statement: "Bulletstorm has been given an "M" rating by the ESRB, and we have adhered to all their guidelines in regards to the marketing and promotion of Bulletstorm." More important, defenders argue that games with excessive violence and sexual content simply don't sell well.

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Parents had better beware: There's a Bulletstorm on the horizon.

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