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With the rapid growth of multinational companies, video- and teleconferences in English and French, and increased business travel to foreign countries for negotiations, conventions, etc., the demand for corporate and business English and French is on the rise and predicted to increase for decades to come.

Some standard requests which can be covered in our customized classes include: To inquire about our business solutions, please contact us, specifying your language training needs and expectations so we can prepare a personalized package for your company.

With the expertise and skills of our consultants in education, we have implemented a completely innovative French learning program that can be done remotely through Skype.

Working with a live, online tutor from Elinet who motivates and supports you every step of the way is an exciting, powerful and convenient learning experience.

Using a webcam and a microphone, you will be able to see your university or college educated and certified tutor, and speak to him or her.

Save time and money – invest in yourself, in your professional advancement with highly qualified Elinet tutors.

Many of our tutors have real-life expertise in multiple fields related to business, medical, and legal professions.This will begin to include digital tools such as Teachable, Lead Pages and Convert Kit that have all been crucial to the growth of my online language teaching business.If you’re curious about what tools to use to grow your own online language teaching business, this post sharing every tool I use to run my online language teaching business will save you hours and hours of research. When I started my business, one thing I was adamant about was making my own resources to set me apart from the competition. Having a good, solid base of teaching resources will make your job a lot easier.Elinet tutors offer specialized English / French in such fields, professions and industries as: All transactions are instant and are made via Pay Pal.Simply let us know your requirements and we will match you with a tutor who will design a customized course for you.Elinet tutors are prepared to teach a full range of communicative skills to help your company succeed in a globalized economy.

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