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Everyone knows you can't choose your family but you can choose you friends. If he's out of town, he'll charter a G5 and fly home. Gossip Girl: As you might have guessed, Upper East Siders, prohibition never stood a chance against exhibition. And no matter how long you try to be good, you can't keep a bad girl down. The only good news is that he's a total pig who'll act like it never happened, thank God. Gossip Girl: Some families actually do make the Yuletide gay, managing to leave their troubles far away. I did something stupid with someone and even worse than doing that stupid thing I did the same stupid thing with someone else and pretended I had never done that stupid thing before. People expect you to be party and be wild, sleep with whoever you want, run away, come back... Be nice and neutral and things will swing back to normal. I mean, they've been friends with Blair since forever and look what they're doing to her! I didn't think it was a secret, I mean, I saw them kissing in front of St Jude's this morning for the world to see. And when it comes out it can set you free, or end everything you've fought so hard for. Dean Reuther: That's somewhat admirable, Collin, and while usually it's the professor in the professor student relationship that takes propriety, if that student is under the suspicion of trading sex for grades in the past, I think we might need to examine the situation a little more closely.

Who doesn't love a five fingers discount, especially if one of those fingers is the middle one... Blair: [Sighs] After being broken up with my boyfriend for exactly twenty minutes, I succumbed to inebriation, performed at a Speak-Easy, and surrendered my virtue to a self-absorbed ass. And for the next sixteen hours, the only thing I'm dishing is seconds. Do you have any idea what you can buy for under fifty dollars these days? I love you because you make no apologies about being exactly who you are... You're also completely unaware that you laugh like a 4 year old. And I love you because you can be with someone like me and still be best friends with someone like Blair. The rules are different for the Serena van der Woodsens of the world. But now you're like..of the Arabians my father used to own. I don't want you anymore and I can't see why anyone else would. But you being a bitch is what got dairy in your hair in the first place, okay? Not that she wouldn't like you because she doesn't discriminate. Like on a TV show- The truth always comes out, it's one of the fundamental rules of time. And I don't think that great man you're talking about wanting to be.. All that matters is that the responsibility is mine and I took it, by leaving my post.

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I november 2013 blev parret forlovet, og i februar 2014 blev de gift ved en privat cermoni i Californien.

Gossip Girl is an American teen drama television series based on the popular novel series of the same name by Cecily von Ziegesar, which originally aired on The CW from September 19, 2007 to December 17, 2012. And the people at my party might have hated me, but at least they knew who I was. I'm going back to my boyfriend, and if you know what's good for you, so will you! You're not graduating until I give you my diplomas. All I had to compare to this world was what I'd read in books but that gave me the idea.

But happiness does not seem to be on the menu, so smoke up and seal the deal with Blair, cause you're also entitled to tap that ass. I just want things to go back to the way they used to be. Chuck watches in amusement as everyone stares at Dan, horrified.]Blair: A letter. My world is falling apart and you're the only one who would understand. [Wipes away a tear]Rufus: Alright, it's your last party of high school. And it wasn’t until that photo of Serena in that white dress that I knew I had something strong enough to actually create a legend and launch a website.

Blair: I don't even know why you went to boarding school to begin with. You know, walking to school together, dancing on tables at Bungalow, night swimming at your mom's country house? I wrote it to you when you were away at boarding school. Now I know don't love your classmates, but you just shared four years with them. Within weeks, I was getting dozens of emails with stories about Upper East Siders, so I posted them anonymously, and then I got more.

Gossip Girl: This just then, S and B committing a crime of fashion. It was my birthday wish for us to get back together, but now, I think it's really over. Gossip Girl: As per Gossip Girl Thanksgiving tradition, I'm trading my laptop for stove-top. I mean, the ball's something we've talked about doing together since we were, like ten years old. Now, all the stores are closing and I'm totally screwed. Because I actually like it when you interrupt me, which is often, by the way. You're totally unaware of the effects you have on me. You held a certain fascination when you were beautiful, delicate and untouched. Gossip Girl: You know, it's kind of funny, how you can find meaning from things you wouldn't think to look at. And you owe it to her and everyone else you are leaving behind not to run away, which is what you're doing. Collin: While it's true that I resigned because of my involvement with a student, it's nobody's business who that student is.

And the only way you know for sure is to jump it with both feet. Your parents have been controlling you your whole life, if it doesn't end now, when will it ever? I wanted to tell you, but a part of me thought that if I didn't say it out loud, then it wouldn't be true. Flogging, fasting, putting that thing with the teeth around my thigh like Silas. Look, you know, after rehearsal I just, uh, I couldn't stop thinking about you. It's Christmas Eve and I still haven't found a gift for Dan.

Instead, they take the Long Island Expressway and head east - to the Hamptons! Think Park Avenue, but with Tennis whites, and Band de Soleil. Gossip Girl: Spotted: Chuck Bass waiting for the Jitney. You know what they say: A man is a good thing to come home for. You're easily the most successful person I know so I figured, why not start at the top. He may have had a hit song in the '90s but he didn't build half the Manhattan skyline. Which would be completely romantic and amazing, except when I asked him where he was today, he said he was hanging out with a friend. Sometimes the hero finally makes the right choice but the timing is all wrong. Serena: Everything you've done, spreading rumors about who I've had sex with, what alley I puked in or telling Dean Barrowby that I killed Pete Fairman, I forgave everything all because I thought one day you'd grow up. And as for Serena van der Woodsen, after today, you are officially irrelevant. Which, hopefully, is a little more graceful than the one I've just seen. Gossip Girl: Looks like the battle between Brooklyn and Upper East Side has finally come to a head. I’m sorry for losing my temper the night you told me Louis proposed to you. Blair: I know you don't understand and I don't expect you to. But this is worse, because you pretended to be better. Serena: "With daddy issues like these, it's not hard to push the right buttons and once you do, the most powerful girl on the upper East Side has no power at all." I would understand if you had written this in the spring. [Stands up and slowly removes the engagement ring from Blair's necklace] Life with you...could never be boring.

And one day, I hope I’ll be lucky enough to find someone who’ll do the same for me. Gossip Girl: Unlike the rest of us, sex lies and scandal never take a vacation. The only person with fewer friends than you is Dan Humphrey. And that's because he's something you'll never be, a human being. Harold was lovely in a million ways, but he had his secrets. Before I go see Cyndi Lauper I have to get my hair done, pick up my dress at Barney's. Dan: I'm kinda over the writing thing, and I wanna see what else is out there. you know, well, my dad, his world is pretty narrow. Gossip Girl: In life, as in art, some endings are bittersweet. Sometimes fate throws two lovers together only to rip them apart. Even if by some chance she can stomach you after that, you still have to deal with Bree, her family, and a little something they like to call Southern justice. As soon as they realize that you'll love them no matter what they do, you lose all your power. well I guess you'll find out now…Dan: Blair, life is giving you signs, and you're ignoring them because you're afraid of the thing they're signalling you to do, but then you think, what if the signs are good for a reason and ignoring them makes me a coward? So if you will please excuse me, I'm going to try my best to to enjoy this performance. But at least I have someone who loves me by my side. I thought Chuck sleeping with Jenny was the most despicable thing someone could do to me. Chuck: I was a stupid, child when I said those things.

But I won't let her be right about me, I will not be weak any more. And when Serena came back from boarding school, I wrote my first post about me: Lonely Boy, the outsider, the underdog.

I might have been a joke, but at least people were talking about me.

Hun har datet Sebastian Stan, som spiller Carter Baizen i Gossip Girl.

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