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Midway through Howard's chat with Maria, he turned the mic over to Keven. "Listening to everything you said, what you've been through, I've been through it with you. When we wanted to be together, we couldn't, because people didn't want us together," he said, referencing the fact her parents initially disowned her after she started dating Keven, because he isn't Greek. I love you so much and this show's meant so much to us.

"Are you about to propose to me, I'm gonna die," Maria proclaimed -- with Undergaro assuring her that he wasn't going to ask her. "It was, literally, the past 17-18 years of us fighting together, me defending her as best I could," he continued. It's the first thing we listened to together, 19 years ago, in a basement on a twin mattress and I said 'One day you will be on that show and you will be a star' And here you are and here we are, so why not make it official now." "Yes, yes of course!

After a few jokes, Stern handed Undergaro a microphone, prompting Menounos to say, "I felt like he was about to propose right now." Although Undergaro initially claimed he wasn't, Stern made a point to address Menounos: "Your boyfriend of 19 years wants to talk to you, Maria." Undergaro, a TV producer, recalled to Menounos how much they'd experienced as a couple over the course of almost two decades. " Menonous seemed shocked, replying, "Are you [bleeping] kidding me right now? "I remember being on a mattress in a basement, living with all these people, when we were struggling and listening to your show, when Carmen [Electra] was on, and Keven was like, 'You're going to be on that show someday, and you're going to be a big star.' And he's helped me through this entire journey.

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"Keven has not been in the public eye ever," Menounos told Parade in 2014.

host said "yes" to her boyfriend of nearly 19 (yes, 19!

It reminds me just how much I do love you, and although I said that this isn't a proposal, I want to ask you something.

Would you make me the happiest man on earth and would you marry me?

"I ask people that when they've been together for a long time, too, because I'm curious about what they're doing, but I get it.

My parents are really the ones who are asking the most." On Wednesday, Undergaro said the only people he'd clued in about his pending proposal were Menounos' father, Costas; Undergaro's mother; Stern and his wife, Beth, who helped Undergaro pick out the ring; and Menonous' publicist.

"It reminds me how much I do love you and although I said that this isn't a proposal, I want to ask you something, Maria.

Would you make me the happiest man on Earth and would you marry me?

"And although I said that this isn't a proposal, I want to ask you something, Maria." According to Stern's website, that's when he dropped to one knee and presented her with an engagement ring. Two years ago, Matt Lauer asked Menounos if the couple got tired of being asked when they were going to get married.

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