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The Crown also determined that no damage to the bicycle’s rear wheel rim was evident.

Witnesses said that Sheppard confronted Bryant and his wife “loudly and aggressively” while they “remained passive.” The car’s next movement resulted in Sheppard ending up on the hood of the car.

His car then lurched forward from his attempts to restart the vehicle which brought the car close to or in contact with Sheppard’s tire.

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Michael remembers, “I went in the house like I do every day when I get home from school. And I was a little confused and I went to my bedroom.

And the TV that she bought me for my birthday was gone.

“I’m inside of a building in the cell block looking up 60 to70 feet. I see the dirt and the garbage, ‘Oh my goodness, what did I just get myself into? Michael Bryant spent a third of his life at San Quentin, one of America’s most notorious prisons.

“I’ve been to prison 9 times for drugs, vehicle theft, and insurance fraud.” Michael’s says his life growing up was challenging. Before the police came looking for her she left town for good.

In fact, he often took Michael with him and left him waiting outside in the truck. Michael recalls, “Everybody else was in a room, peer pressure, I didn’t know what it was or anything like that, so I did it just along with everybody else.

Sometimes the only meal he ate came from a stranger. I’d eat the dinner and be thankful for it.” Michael also was a victim of his father’s severe discipline. I mean, he’d beat the crap out of me at that stage.” Michael wanted a better life for himself so he graduated from high school at just 16. And it grabbed a hold of me a lot harder than it did everybody else in the room. But there was still something missing.” Then one of Michael’s jobs, washing semis, turned into an opportunity to make big money.Bryant left provincial politics to take up the newly created post of chief executive officer of Invest Toronto, a municipal agency with a mandate to attract investment and facilitate economic development.After an altercation with a cyclist on August 31, 2009, Bryant was charged with criminal negligence causing death and dangerous driving causing death.I had these grandiose ideas that I was going to get out of prison and start my own business.” But as he read, he began to understand God’s love for him. Yet no matter how many times he failed, he believed God still loved him.Michael recalls, “Every time I relapsed, even after I knew God, my high was never the same.And there was a heightened sense of euphoria, for everybody. “A friend of mine said hey, ‘I can get you ,000 if you bring me a bulldozer.’ And I said, ‘Well, you’ll have to take a truck with it.’ And he says, ‘Okay.’” So Michael quit his jobs and started stealing and selling trucks. And I dropped to my knees and I remember saying, ‘Oh my goodness, this is real.’” Michael enjoyed his new faith.

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