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The meaning behind the title (if you haven't guessed yet) is the connection between Earth and Lyoko is very weak, which is how Xana was able to sever it in the first place.) My second fanfiction but my probably my greatest mistake.

As many can probably assume given both the title and half of my inspiration source, it was suppose to feature Harry as a person who works outside the law to do what many others are too scared to do: the right thing.

And with dragons running amok, Death Eaters increasing in strength, and the Ministry out for his blood, what could Harry do? But for all that happens in this story, it is only the setting of the sequel: ) What can I say?

While I admit that I hadn't quite thought out the entire storyline, I can safely say that what changes I planned to make early on would've had a tremendous impact on the overall storyline.

Some of the ideas I wanted to include in this story were going to be drastically different that what happened in SEED-canon.

And while I plan on the boys getting involved with the rebels, Harry still feels very obligated to return home and get involved in his own war against Voldemort. I had hoped to even put in a completely new ending that would've been totally different from what we've seen happen in the original.

How can he possibly do that when he's trapped in another universe like this? If it weren't for circumstances that were out of my control, I might have finished this story.

Of all my previous discontinued stories, ) This is a story idea that I've had for several years, but only recently decided to use.

I didn't come to the decision to write this lightly.

Though we're nearing the climax of the overall story, let's hope that whatever else I come up with will not totally ruin what I've tried to make. The much anticipated sequel of my greatest story to date.

However, in my personal opinion, I think I've seriously botched up the storyline at this point.

Now, we shall see if all their training has paid off.

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