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Jealous and self-centered, he had few friends in the Yankee clubhouse.At times Jackson almost went out of his way to alienate teammates.Dayn Perry has mined those archives to compile "Reggie Jackson: The Life and Thunderous Career of Baseball's Mr.

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He's not likely to want this to go down as the last word.

Reggie Yates is a broadcaster, actor, writer and director.

Perry's book, conversely, may actually serve to spawn future Jackson biographies.

After all, we know how much the man enjoys the spotlight.

They, and others in the black community, criticized him for not being black enough.

He was often accused of standing up to racism only when it was safe to do so.

The Reggie we see here wasn't averse to bending truths to fit his situation.

Thirty or forty years after most of the events took place, it's anyone's guess how accurate a storyteller he would prove.

Having grown up in a largely white community, he was sheltered from many of the problems other black players of his era had confronted all their lives.

He played with white teammates and dated white girls.

And Jackson was indeed part of the first free agent class, which hit the market following the 1976 season.

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