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Who would you say are the iconic starlets of our day? In her all-too-short, but meteoric rise to fame, Gia Carangi led a life that encapsulated both the triumph and terror of success.

As far as supermodels go, who does our generation have? An overnight sensation in the fashion world, Gia’s legacy serves as a cautionary tale, and a powerful reminder of the double-edged sword of fame and fortune.

Jolie won a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award for her performance, among other accolades.

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While the Cindy Crawfords and Naomi Campbells may have reigned supreme among ’90s modeling icons, before them it was unquestionably Gia Carangi who embodied the archetype of a supermodel in the ’80s.

“She was completely a free soul,” remembers Francesco Scavullo, one of Gia’s adoring photographers who worked with the model during her short career.

Joseph and Kathleen had an unstable, violent marriage, ultimately leading Kathleen to abandon the family when Carangi was eleven years old.

Her first major shoot, published in October 1978, was with top fashion photographer Chris von Wangenheim, who had her pose nude behind a chain-link fence with makeup artist Sandy Linter.

After a chase with police, she was taken into custody where it was later determined she was under the influence of alcohol and cocaine.

After her release, Carangi briefly signed with a new agency, Legends, and worked sporadically, mainly in Europe.

In November 1980, Carangi left Wilhelmina Models and signed with Ford Models, but she was dropped within weeks. Modeling offers soon ceased and her fashion industry friends, including Sandy Linter, refused to speak to her, fearing their association with her would harm their careers.

In an attempt to quit drugs, she moved back to Philadelphia with her mother and stepfather in February 1981. She was arrested in March 1981 after she drove into a fence in a suburban neighborhood.

He hired her for the fashion house's next campaign, but during the photo shoot, in late 1982, Carangi became uncomfortable and left before any usable shots of her were taken.

As she had squandered the majority of her modeling earnings on drugs, Carangi spent the final three years of her life with various lovers, friends, and family members in Philadelphia and Atlantic City.

A biography of Carangi by Sacha Lanvin Baumann titled Born This Way: Friends, Colleagues, and Coworkers Recall Gia Carangi, the Supermodel Who Defined an Era was published in 2015.

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