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You should also be sure to meet anyone who will be working with your child.

Ask the program director to introduce you to all of the employees that interact with your child.

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Will the abuser tell them to be quiet and not tell anyone? I have anxiety when I leave them in the care of anyone other than myself – at daycare, on play dates, with relatives…my brother, my current husband, my new father-in-law… I wish I could enjoy the beautiful gift of trust and safety.

But as a mother, I can never risk this kind of act happening to my own children.

If your family chooses to allow sleepovers, make sure you know the parents well. Establish relationships so you can use your best judgment.

Be clear on the planned events, who will be there with your children, and whatever else should be considered to keep your children safe.

Even at that point, I questioned whether I should say anything. But at 24 years old – as a smart, grown woman – I was betrayed, molested, and . It started as “accidental” touching of my butt, then my breasts. Even when the offender blatantly molested me, my then-husband and partner didn’t believe me. until finally another family member confessed that she had experienced similar, but worse things from the offender…the abuser.

I wasn’t drinking, I wasn’t scantily dressed, I wasn’t on a date, I didn’t send a single cue that could be interpreted as “consent”. More hugs and obligatory shows of “affection”…It made me uncomfortable but I couldn’t justify why. This, combined with my first husband’s affair (all sexual betrayal), has had massive, lasting effects. I’ve learned from these experiences that people can trick you. And some people don’t give a darn about anyone besides themselves.. At a point in their lives when they’re conditioned to listen to adults, will they speak up if the same thing (or worse! Will they recognize that something is being done to them that shouldn’t be?

Predators single children out, making them feel special, and manipulate them to create a relationship they can take advantage of.

There will be coaches, teachers, or other community leaders that praise your child but be wary of adults overly praising your child.

to imagine the horrors associated with sexual assault since I think we’ve all fallen victim to unsolicited sexual attention from men at various points in our lives. I worry constantly for my two little girls as they grow up in a world where more and more people are crooked and selfish and so willing to take advantage of them.

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