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For those who may be familiar with the village called Okpella, the Afegbua family occupies a significant place in the scheme of things and are at best, very accommodating and self-helping Nigerians who have achieved greatness by dint of hard work, perseverance and outright resilience.

In order to sustain the brotherhood that binds this family together, the Afegbua family runs what is known as AFEGBUA WELFARE ASSOCIATION, being a platform of like-minds family members with the sole objective of sustaining family values and unity.

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Gives me more incentive to talk and get closer.” -K4M1K4ZE “A lot of women seem to unfortunately seem self-conscious about being intelligent.

Like, you don’t have to act like an idiot around me. If you like Greek philosophy, talk about Greek philosophy.

For those who are Prince Bello Afegbua’s contemporaries especially in the Nigeria Police Force, he was one man whose philosophy of life was ‘live and let live’ without betraying any of his inner sensibilities on matters of State policy.

He was a thorough-bred professional and as a Police officer who retired in 1982 having rose to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police.

Most girls are pretty self conscious about how theirs looks. It makes me feel very comfortable with them, like I don’t have to talk either.” -Void3333 “My Girlfriend gets worried about her eyebrows not being symmetrical and her Bell’s Palsy caused her smile to drop on one side which I also don’t care about & find attractive.” -Read Read Reed Red “Honesty.

I think a lot of women feel that if they talk about their negative emotions, they’ll be on the receiving end of a lot of nastiness and/or judgment, or they might get dumped, so they feel self-conscious about being open.He was one of the brains behind the Highway Patrol which was introduced in the seventies to address challenges on our highways. He preached the virtues of unity in Okpella until he breathed his last on earth especially on account of the ‘cold war’ that hitherto existed between the present King in Okpella and the Afegbua family.Despite the sensitivity of the issues and the fact that peace had been on temporary holiday in Okpella as a result of the quest for the creation of more clans in the land, Bello Afegbua, then as a born again, took the responsibility of ensuring that he jump-started the process of reconciliation amongst all those whose passion for more clans had attained a crescendo.For some reason, women are aware that big boobs and butts are attractive, but are completely oblivious to how nice a curvy set of thighs look.” -throwaway7986 “Being dorky in general.” -False9FC “I’m a pretty seriously obsessed with girls’ noses.If your nose is too wide, too long, up turned, weirdly flat, or something else so unusual that the language to describe it doesn’t exist, then I’ll probably fall in love on sight.” -shadowmask “They’re called “Love” handles for a reason.” Mr-Sister-Fister21 “Heh my girl keeps whining about that, but I love it honestly.His father, His Highness, Alhaji Abdulmalik Afegbua, OBE, died at the ripe age of 109 leaving behind many of his children and wives.

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