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Online dating…I’ve been hearing all the hype for YEARS.

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– I would be remiss if I didn’t also share some cautions to keep in mind.

In case you’re wondering, one divorced dad swept me off my feet (then dropped me over a ledge).

what with climbing in and out of the divorce dating pool for years.

While I highly recommend dating divorced men – dare I admit that I’ve done so on two continents?

And that’s despite the fact that you’re working two jobs already, and he may be working two jobs of his own. The neighbors like him, too, and he and his ex seem very friendly.

When a man clearly indicates what is and isn’t a deal breaker, we owe him the respect of honoring his choices. But something in your gut tells you he’s too good to be true.

I met some interesting fellas but in the end they were guys I felt less compatible with than those I met in person and the experience just wasn’t for me.

I’m not really a picture posting, profile writing type of person and it all felt very unauthentic, contrived and catalog-like to me.

Sergeant Sassy—a single thirty-something—is finally sharing her legendary tales from the dating trenches.

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