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While the opening ceremony was carried live, other 4K content was delayed about an hour to allow for 8K to 4K processing.

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"This all combines to create the perfect environment for NET to deliver the Olympic Games to the majority of the [Brazilian] population,”said Carvalho.

NET delivered a total of three free-to-air channels, 22 HD channels including the 16 channels of Spor TV, plus the 4K channel.

Leveraging Elemental’s flexible design, engineers simply reconfigured the available bandwidth to handle the now 44 output channels. The 4K content was produced by NHK, which captured the images in full 8K.

The content was then down converted to 4K and handed off to NBC, which forwarded the feed to Globosat.

Major sporting events, like the Olympics and World Cup Soccer are no longer linear-appointment broadcasts.

Viewers around the world want to see their country’s star athletes performing no matter where the action takes place or where the spectator is located.Building for complete coverage The Rio-based Globosat studios received 92 program feeds from Olympic venues.The program packaging was handled at Globosat studios where the live events for the 16 channels of Spor TV Play were managed.Globosat has a multi-year relationship with Elemental dating back to the 2013 World Cup Soccer games to encode high-value content.This made the decision to again partner with Elemental for Olympic content, to paraphrase a chicle, elemental.Elemental Technologies enabled Globosat to meet the Olympic viewing needs of an entire nation.

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