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“We had to face the fact that neither of us were getting any younger or doing anything productive for our love lives.” Coming off a long-term relationship, Stollak wanted to get over her ex but also felt she needed “practice dating.” “What do you say on a first date? Then her hubby’s co-worker caught her eye across the table at a dinner.

It sparked an affair that lasted the rest of her marriage, through her divorce in her early 40s and beyond.

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#Global Goals #landrights and food safety key to sustainable forest management, with the #gendergap and securing women’s rights to land and resources crucial says Nina Mosseby @landbrukogmat #nature4dev @noradno @kldep @Rainforest NORW Det er forretningsmuligheter i alle FNs bærekraftsmål.

Kanskje noen smarte gründere og startups vil komme til Norad i morgen for litt ny input?

There was the man so shy he could barely speak, and a smug, self-professed “globetrotter” who had barely traveled and insulted her job at the time, being a cocktail waitress.

“I can’t believe you didn’t sock him in the face,” Granny offered.

But smell I viagra female pills wash viagra generic that.

It’s complicated actually, and depends on the situation, let me take the bar as example. Several drinks in on a night out and you spot som...

When that date rolled around, he ordered the most expensive dishes on the menu and insisted she pay up.

Never date cheap guys, her granddaughter concluded.

Har din bedrift et innovativt prosjekt som bidra til å oppnå #bærekraftsmålene for #utdanning og #helse?

@Innovasjon Norge inviterer til skissekonkurranse for forprosjekt…

“They don’t want to drive because maybe they can’t at night, so they want to have lunch. “If it’s not close to at least a year, I don’t want to bother with them.

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